The Best Weed Pipes 2014

The days of smoking weed out of a plastic bong made from garden hose and a cheap OJ bottle are gone. Todays Pot Pipes are made out of glass they are typically tall and with features you didn’t even know existed. If you like the hit of a pipe and the slam of a glass Bong then simply check out this list of the best weed pipes available in 2014.

Blaze Glaze Weed Pipe

Blaze Glass

When your mate buy’s a bong that costs more than a few ounces of weed you know he’s serious about his hobby. The Blaze Glass water bong is the most expensive water pipe on Grass City and is clearly a piece of art. It’s so artsy that I’d feel guilty about even blazing one up as once you’ve smoked it’s never the same. Priced at just under a thousand dollars the Blaze Glaze is the best gift a Stoner could get.


Glass Ice Bong

Glass Ice Bong

If you havn’t tried an Ice bong then you really havn’t been smoking right. The glass Ice Bong is the ultimate in getting the smoothest smoke you can get. Not only do you put ice in this baby you also freeze the whole thing. The water bong was designed to be cold and smoked cold. This Bong was made for Cannabis.

Vapor Bubbler

Vapor Bubbler

Not just smoking flowers maybe your into wax or Bubble Hash then this is the ultimate pipe that you need to own. 2014 is shaping up to be the year of the Marijuana wax and if you don’t have the right tools it’s difficult to get the best out of it. The Vapor Bubbler solves this problem and is the best one currently on the market. Not cheap but if you smoke a lot of it and you keep this thing clean you’ll get years and years out of it.


Hand held pot pipe

Handheld pipes

You can’t go wrong with a good hand pipe to smoke your flowers with the ease of transportation. While a handheld pipe isn’t the best for putting in your pocket my suggestion is to get a zip log bag to put it in to make it more convenient. A pipe box is also good if you are able to find one. This particular Handheld pipe is all american made and crafted by the pot pipe guru himself Kevin Murray.




Vapor Pen

Vape Pens

Maybe one of the greatest inventions of all times the Vaper Blunt is the latest in a new generation of Vape Pens to hit the streets around the world. This particular one from Pinnacle Pro the legends and masters in vaper pen construction has made it the most sought after Vape Pen in 2014.