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The Best Bongs 2014

Bong connoisseur’s will enjoy the following selection of bongs which include both the cheap and expensive variety. Gone are the days of a bit of hose and plastic bottle. Today’s bongs are sophisticated with different chambers and ice techniques that deliver a powerful yet smooth smoke.

Glass Bongs

Pure Glass Bong

Pure Glass ZERO X4


The most amazing Glass Bong that you may ever see and a price tag to match the Pure Glass Zero X4 is at the pinnacle of expert glass making. With a detachable freezable Quad Coil you seriously cannot find a better piece of machinery.

Made from High quality borosilicate glass this Bong will outlast any other. Once you’ve smoked out of this bad boy it will be difficult to go back to anything else.

Medicali glass bong

Medicali Glass Bong


This is a cute and a strong bubbly bong from Meidali’s Slyme range of products. Made in Southern California this is a small bubbler hand made using borosilicate glass. Boasts a 25mm diameter at the mouth and a wide footing to prevent it from falling over. Has a nice green Hue with green accents on the base and mouthpiece.


Acrylic Bongs

transformer tubes

Transformer Tubes

The meat and potatoes for Bongs the Acrylic Bongs are cheaper than glass blown and metal pipes. They are cheaper and often more durable than the others and a must for the stoner on a budget. They come in all shapes and sizes and different colors. They are extendable short and tall you really can’t go wrong.




Gas Mask Bong

Gas Mask Water Pipe

Honestly I’m not so sure how safe this one is, putting on a mask so you can only break the smoke it’s good they made it detachable. Great for parties and festivals the Gas Mask Water Pipe is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Despite how odd this type of bong is it actually works pretty good though taking the mask on and off is quite annoying.

Bamboo Bongs

bamboo bong with leaf

Bamboo bong with leaf

This particular Bong is sturdy and made out of real bamboo. The color is awesome with a large Marijuana Leaf that just get’s you into the move. Cheapest Bong available to at only twenty bucks you’d wondered why you didn’t buy one sooner. Easily taken apart for easier cleaning this is a Recommended Bong.




Polished wood bamboo bong

Bamboo Bong

More Classic in design this Bamboo bong made out of wood you’ll get that natural grip going back ages to our ancestors this really is a Bong of the ages. What has changed in a few millenia though is we now have better finishing pieces like the metal extended arm and easier to reach carb.




Metal Bongs

rockit bong

The Rokit V5 Bong Kit

Not sure if they really intend to take this to the moon but would be an awesome thought though I wonder who will be the first person stoned in space? Might as well be me when I take a hit from the Rockit! You’ll end up in space from one of the most unique ideas for a smoking device I’ve seen to date.




metal water pipe blue

Metal Water Pipe 21cm

You really can’t go wrong with the standard 21cm metal pipe water bong. These are old school and guys growing up in the 80′s definitely would have smoked out of one of these bad boys. Notorious for accidentally spilling the billy the high will get your moneys worth.




Ceramic Bongs

black lady butt bong

Ceramic Pipe Kneeling Woman

Sick of Rastifarian smoking pipes and psychedelic water bongs and like a bit of edge then you can’t go wrong with the Ceramic Kneeling Woman. I like to call this particular piece the Black lady butt bong what do you think? Might be a good way to train your girl.




titty bong

Ceramic Waterpipe

Why is it that most of the ceramic water pipes are all naked ladies and not the best kind either. Had to show you this one because I thought the pipes were at the wrong place. What do you think? Honestly I just want to toke a a sexy little ceramic Asian are there any of these?




Brazil Bongs

standing rasta man bong

Standing Rasta Man Brazil Pipe

I’ve never been to Brazil so I’m really not that sure how they smoke down there, I imagine they roll some mean joints though. Regardless it looks like Grass City has the Brazil bongs down to look something like this. It looks ornamental and something I’d want proudly displayed in my living room.




Brazil glass water pipe

Small Glass Brazil Water Pipe

I like my weed like I like my bongs…sexy! That’s the only way to describe this beautifully finished affordable Brazilian Bong.