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The Best Vape Pens 2014

Wondering what kind of Vape Pen / Vape Pipes to buy then don’t sweat it we’ve assembled Ten of the very best Vape Pens on the planet. I personally own a few of these and stand by this list. Would you believe the explosion in the popularity of Vape Pens really hasn’t done anything to the number of different models. While the choices are pretty slim we’ve managed to come up with list list of the Best Vape Pens in 2014.

#07 Cloud Portable Vaper Pen

cloud vape pen

#06 Atmos Nail Concentrate

atmos nail pen vaporizer

#05 Flash Vape Pen

flash vape pen

#04 Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

pinnacle pro vape pen

#03 710 Open Mini Vaporizer

710 oli mini vape pen

#02 Vapor Blunt

vapor blunt portable vape pen

#01 O-PHOS Vaporizer Pen

o-phos pen vaporizer