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The Best Vaporizers 2014

Vaporizers are great as they don’t give you all the toxins that you do get when you smoke a bong. The downside of using a vaporizer is it take a lot more tokes to get through the same amount of weed something that vaporizers still need to get on top off a water pipe. Nonetheless Vaporizers are still the second most healthy way of consuming cannabis eating it would be first.

Digital Vaporizers

g-spot vaporizer

G-Spot Vaporizer

Looking more like a vibrator than vaporizer the Leonardo of vaporizers really does hit the G-spot. Made specifically for those who want to make use of their bongs the G-Spot Vibrator can also be used as an extension great for smoking wax. This is a serious Vaporizer for someone on the movie literally you can turn everything into smoke.

After seeing what they do with Ceramic Bongs I’m not at all surprised that someone come up with the name the G-Spot Vaporizer. If you used to smoke from your expensive Bong and have switched to vaporizing or you have friends/family that prefer to vape and you want to smoke then this is the the ultimate Bong extension kit.



da-vinci vaporizer

Da-Vinci Vaporizer

The Da Vinci vaporizer looks more like a Walkie Talky than something designed to get you high but it does. Very practical for those on the movie but need something more powerful than a smaller pen vape. Very well constructed and works well in all circumstances.

With an internal adjustable heating element that runs off 3 lithium batters or a US plug wall charger. The batteries last up to a whopping 1 hour of continue use.

I like how when they sell this vaporizer they put it in a really nice looking tin which I’ve now used to store my weed.

Standard Vaporizers

hot box vaporizer

Hot Box Vaporizer

An absolutely leader in the Vaporizer class the original and still the best way to vape your goodies is in the Hot Box. Great for beginners and rookies if you are starting out this is what you really want. Rests easy on a table the Hot Box Vapors Vaporizer features a long-lasting ceramic nichrome heating element.






vapolution vaporizer

This medical grade Vapor machine for weed is best used for the finest of medicines. Delivers one of the cleanest vapes on the market Vapolution is what it’s called and it really is an Evolution in vaporizers from around the world. Reasonably priced and comes in two colors this is definitely the right choice for 2014.






Concentrate Vaporizers

atmos vaporizer

Atmos Nuke Concentrate Vaporizer
Vaporizer pens are the most portable and cleanest way to smoke pot on the go. They do come with a few drawbacks that it’s just my duty to tell you. They are small. One of these things unless I’m smoking some good quality hash typically require me to refill it in order to get the perfect stone. Other than that they do work well.






trippy stix vaporizer

Trippy Stix Concentrate Vaporizer – Pearl

I’m not sure why but I just love my Trippy Stix. One of the first vaporizer pens that I ever owned still get’s better with each iteration. Easy to clean and easy to charge it’s so portable you’ll whip it out and people will just think that it’s a tobacco e-cigarette. This is good where discretion is key.






Portable – Handheld Vaporizers




Another Walkie Talkie looking Vaporizer this one has a solid base that allows you to stand it on a table but give you the freedom of portability.








atmos vape

Atmos Raw Pen Vaporizer

I’ve never owned one personally but my best friend just swears by the Atmos. It takes roughly 2 hours to charge and then it’s good to go. Quickly becoming one of the most favorite ways for people to Vape on the go the Atmos name is well known.







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